L is for Learning

L is for Learning

L is for Learning

Life is a never ending experience. Just like in any game, you get experience to level up one notch. Along with experiences, life also offers a ground for learning– a never ending chance to learn. The subjects are wide, and they’re free– so it’s up to you if you want to learn or not. There are no pass or fail marks to haunt you, only learning and how you applied it in your life.

I almost drown when I was young and it hinders me to enjoy swimming since that day. I swim near the shore and never really enjoy the freedom of swimming on deeper areas. The panic will always be there, ready to be triggered once in a while. I posted here about the time that I got enough confidence to cross the swimming pool, with a help from boyfriend and a bottle of beer.

I still got some hesitations or fears inside of me about swimming so when our company’s club offered swimming lesson, I didn’t think twice about signing up. I got around four lessons now with a lot of swimming sessions and I think I got my confidence in swimming again.

We went last night to Banilad Sports Center and had a dip in their pool. I did the basic, crossing the pool and trying to stay afloat in the middle of the 6 ft. pool and tried diving in the bottom. I realized that I’m starting to enjoy the pool, a never before experience for me who almost grew up on the shoreline. I now have the confidence to go to the deep and the fear of drowning is now at bay, not totally gone but in a controlled level.

Learning indeed is a never ending process. After graduation from college, some people would assume that learning will surely end, I beg to disagree. Life as a whole is a big university, it offers a lot of options for people to learn. The process is still the same, you study or train during the lessons then you apply what you learn in your life. That’s it.

Happy learning everyone!

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  1. Congratulations on that particular bit of relearning, I wish you every success with your swimming! I think you’re very brave to try as many people might stay away from the water forever after an experience like that.

    I am actually going swimming this evening, I shall do a lap in your honour!

    Mars visiting from A to Z
    Curling Stones for Lego People

    • Thank you very much Mars! Yes. I am indeed blessed to break through that paranoia. I may not totally erased the fear but at a control level I can do some things.

      Thank you for that lap. That is well appreciated.

      Good luck with the A to Z. I guess I’ll end the challenge at this letter. Thanks for visiting.

      Cheers and with much love,


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