Let Them Go

Sunrise Cagayan De Oro

Why are you afraid to say the things that you mean?

Why do you doubt your own ideals?

Is it because some people’s questioning of your ideals is a scary thing to see?

The world is big, it’s flat according to some and for others it is round. Whether it is flat or round, you can walk it. And you’re never afraid of falling from the earth because it has something in it that holds everyone together.

It’s like the way you are sewn, your own personality has something in it that holds you together. Maybe it’s the way you deal with the challenges that comes your way.

The way you see the world bursting with colors or as a plain black and white.

Maybe the way you hold back your anger or the way you nag.

Maybe the way you cry when it’s too much or the way you hide your tears by smiling.

Maybe that is what is holding you together. And it’s difficult to challenge that. It’s difficult to challenge yourself to say the words you want to say. It’s difficult to explain your side of the argument because you’re afraid of what might happen. It’s difficult to say Yes or No to something that people expect you to do. It’s difficult to see past your own protective shell.

It’s scary to see it, to see yourself doing something against that protective personality that holds you together. It’s scary to think that in an instant you might be shattered and no one or nothing would hold you again together. No one. Nothing.

They say that true experience and new learning begins at the end of your protective shell, it’s darker and dangerous but it offers more to life than being trap inside your own make believe world. Than being somewhere you’ve been born in, maybe it’s time to let them go.

Let them go. The words that you hold inside of you. The small things that you cannot say because you’re afraid you will lose someone by uttering them. But if he or she do matter to you, you need to let them go.

Let them go. The dreams that you tried to forget because it’s easier to do what you are doing right now. There is no right time, it’s a make believe concept of waiting and time but then, time is one of the most dangerous thing to play with. It doesn’t hold you back, it doesn’t wait for you. It would go on and on without you.

Let them go. Let yourself go. Be ANGRY! Happy! Passionate! Be sad. Cry, if you need to be. But don’t forget to live. Be free. Don’t let them drown your own emotions. You owe it to yourself to feel, to live. Because in the end, it’s your life to live. It’s your choices that will carry you wherever you would like them to be.

Let them go. Be happy. 

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  1. Thank you for sharin. Really inspiring post.

    • I’m glad that you like it!


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