Life, Challenges and Choices

Take that boat wherever you want to go

Take that boat wherever you want to go

Life is not something that can be defined by humans. It’s sort of an adventure– whether it is somewhat scary, sad or boring– it’s life. And if you’ve never been to those extreme situation, maybe you’ve never lived after all.

I’m trying to understand myself. I’m quite ironic, I can sense it. One moment, I’m that unsure gal who happens to not know what I really want. I just accept life as it is. I eat what is served and not question it because I might be grateful that I am eating, rather than starving.

Then, maybe the rain or the wind has something to do with it, a sudden burst in this boring life of mine would spark. It’s a reminder that I shouldn’t stay in my shell. Life is about experience. It’s all about those extreme emotions that signifies that you’ve been here. Those heartaches, sadness, happiness and even those excitements are milestone in this life. They symbolize a certain phenomenon in your life that is immortalized by the emotion that you had. It’s human nature to reminisce and revisit those memories and what makes them so special and so enticing is that they are certainly reminding us of something great that happened. The greatness of the event can be measured by its impact on us– the emotions that we had at that certain instance– that very moment. Our experiences are not merely copied from one paper to another– NO, they are unique little details within us. One happy experience differ from the other, may it be the level of happiness, the reason of it or the place it happened.

Why am I suddenly talking about emotions, experiences and choices?

Maybe because I’m in that particular cross road again. It’s scary but it’s the road that I’ve been dreaming to cross ever since. It’s that particular path that I’ve been dreaming, thinking for so long. It took me years to know where I want to lead this life and I’m getting there. I hope so. I can’t foresee for what might come. But I have a genuine view of what is laid down for me as of this moment. It’s up to me to be courageous enough to take up that challenge and see myself wherever I want to be.

Maybe the wind of change had struck again; or, I may have thought that I really don’t know what I want but I can sense that it is here. Sometimes, it would only take that one phenomenon, one chance to really change our lives for the better. It’s quite normal that that might happen but, it can be my moment now.

I’m quite vague in this post but forgive me for being such (I’ll explain later) and for being too busy these past few days but I promise to get back posting once everything is in their proper place. There might be good byes. But hey, goodbyes are not so bad after all. It’s a reminder that life has something more for us. It’s a symbolism of new beginnings. New challenges. And it means new ground for learning and stuff like that.

I’ll certainly update soon! Just stick around! :) Thank you very much!!!!

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