Limited Second Chances

I’m not a happy person always. I get my fair share of depression, over thinking, paranoia and stuffs like that that makes living this life a little bit more stressing. Sometimes to get by this feeling of negativity, I tend to look deep unto my being. Accept that these things are real– that sometimes, running away or holding back won’t solve anything. I tend to close when people started asking what’s wrong or what’s the matter. I’m not a sharer always, I say things in my head for my thoughts– it’s a little bit hard for me to say some things to other people. Maybe that’s how I was designed to be.

When depressing thoughts, pressures and all the negativity strikes, I always try my best to look on the brighter side. Reminding myself that it’s never too late until I say so. It’s a harsh principle but it’s also a reminder to myself that I get to enjoy another chance. But

THERE’S A BIG BUT HERE… (not butt, move on)

I always remind myself also that second chances are not infinite. I only get a few or limited second chances. It’s a healthy reminder for me not to succumb in the “there’s gonna be another chance” thinking every time I waste those chances. No, it’s not healthy and it’s not responsible to do so. Limited second chances thinking is a great way to be a positive thinker and at the same time being responsible of the actions that happened within its span.

I left my job for almost 2 years and 7 months yesterday for a job that’s a bit of a shot in the dark. It’s something that I wished for and weighing down my options, I realized that this is something I’m passionate. I want to create things, build new things and learn along the way. I’m taking this option because I think and I believe that this is the thing that I’ve been looking for. And as much as possible I don’t want to miss and mess this second chance.

It’s gonna be a long way ahead, I’m not certain as to what may happen the next few days, months or years— whatever it is, I want to give myself a little bit of a push to be that better person. It’s high time that I follow my plans, be the person who I want to be and experience what life has to offer me.

This is gonna be a new chapter. Something ended yesterday and it marked the beginning of something better for me. Maybe endings are not just those sad scenes on the movies; rather, some of them are doors to new beginnings. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone. Here’s a cup of coffee to start your day!



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