Looking Back

“It’s funny how everyday the same thing happens over and over again and how one day we would wake up in a totally different world.”

I read that somewhere, I forgot who wrote that one or if I really captured to write the right words and the right thought. Well, to whoever you are, thanks for pointing that out to everyone of us. Usually, people like you and me needs a constant reminder that we are indeed in a world where everything changes so fast: one time this is the “in” and the next it’s the era of trending and branding and whatever people think matters. It’s an era of great paradox and irony— I think maybe it’s more on: centuries of great paradox.

Last November 8 was the mark of our 2-year stay in the company that we are currently working on(though, technically, our 2-year contract will end next year, I’ll explain it later if I have another time), since we started our 6-month training on the same day 2 years ago(of course!). I remembered being late on the first day of our training because we didn’t know that there was this kind of school-university-belt on our way to the office, so the traffic was terrific! Traffic-jam everywhere and we really can’t help the time from ticking. The first day of the training was somewhat special for me because we were late it marked a new beginning for me and my family. My career as a Computer Science graduate and a chance to help in the finances of my family.

The training was everything that we wished/anticipated for: it was rough, joy-ride of some kind, mixed with great minds and spiced it up with some dash of fun, stories, endless coffee and beers and you’ll surely have a one of a kind experience. I had heartbreaks(I was in love with the idea of love at that time) and a lot of happier memories. They said, you’ll never know what happiness is until you experience pain, sadness and every kind of loneliness. I think I had my fair share of those pain and happiness– I was at my extreme emotions on those days and as the end of our training is nearer, I realized that somewhat, amidst all the pains and tears that I had, the sleepless nights and the pressure of proving that you definitely matter and that you’re worth it(okay, I’m a bit exaggerating here but let me be), that there will always be a better day to come; a happier sun and a rainbow after the rain state. After all the tears had fallen and your heart had the final blow, the next stages are the sunnier days, the happier days; and the cycle will always be like that. :)

Life is like that. It’s unfair in all its fairness. It does change and somewhat, whatever had changed since the day that we finally bade goodbye to the four-corner of that training room, there will always be that happier moments, dull moments and sad moments that we’ve shared for that 6-month period. :)

I’m not sad of what we’ve become: indifferent, frenemy, best friends, friends, co-workers, and to whatever labels there is to the friendship that we had or is currently having, I guess, after all the heartbreaks(yes, I easily get my heart broken) I finally learned to accept changes. To be friendlier to the world and the changes that it throws to me. It’s amazing how everything changes but along the way, there’s always that special place to look back into. Sometimes, usually or on some unpredictable moments(moments like this!), looking back are great moments. Thanks. 😛

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