Love and the Things I Barely Know

There are certainly a lot of words to describe how you feel for someone, from being physically attached to that person up to the I-want-to-spend-my-whole-life-with-you stage. Yes, those words flew by, day by day, syllable by syllable and more than once we get caught up with them because of this so called LOVE. It’s a powerful emotion, it makes people happy, angry, sad, stagnant, inspired– you name it, it can be cause by this four-letter emotion. Taking it to a higher notch of difficulty, there are certainly no common perception of what love is, even from ourselves, we definitely embody one of the greatest contradiction of love’s perception. Well, it’s still the love month so forgive me for dwelling into this topic on this boring night of the 25th, sometimes or always one must write about this topic.



I’m not the kind of person who loves being praised at in public, worst I hate being in the lime light of everyone’s attention. I told Sugarplum(boyfriend) not to surprise me in public or pull some sweet activity in front of everyone else. I just can’t handle the attention very good, I would probably run or disappear. Poof. Just like that. I don’t hate it when someone pull off stunts like that especially if that someone is my special someone, it would probably paint a huge smile in my face later. Yes, you’ve read it right LATER. At that instant when the surprise is given, I err I would probably feel a little dizzy and awkward and all the thoughts about disappearing would race into my mind. I’m that awkward, forgive me.

What are words of love if they are shouted to the whole world, not whispered to me. I don’t judge people pulling stunts of telling the whole world how someone means the whole universe for them– that’s probably what “the sweetest thing” is for them. As for me, those words: the “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I want to spend my whole life with you” and more sweet-scented words, would be sweeter and in their purest state if they were whispered to me. It’s for me. It’s something that should be spoken to me because it was for me, not for the whole world. I know I’m a little bit over reacting about this, I barely know about LOVE but I’m sure of what I feel. I know I’m a lucky girl because those things were repeatedly spoken, whispered into my heart by the one who holds my heart. :)

I love the flowers, the gifts and the things given to me as emblem or symbolism of the love my boyfriend has for me. I’m a bit contradictory but I guess we all have this sort of personal reasons that we certainly don’t understand. More Love love even after February, okay?

How about you, what are the stuffs that you love? What’s the sweetest thing your bf/gf/partner/hubby/wifey did for you? Share. Share. 

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  1. He made me laugh yesterday, when I was at my wit’s end over something. <3

    • Yay! That’s very sweet. I hope the ants didn’t infest your place. 😛

      • They weren’t as many as the ants in yours. 😛


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