Macro Monday and Preparation for the A-Z challenge

I never knew about Macro Monday but I’ve seen two post in my reader today: from Cee’s blog and from Uncle Spike’s blog. I like doing close-up photos or if they are certainly called Macro photos then maybe I’m a fan of Macro photos. I’m not a photography genius, I only use a point and shoot camera and try my very best to capture something with it. Here are some of them:

1.) This is from Asha’s first day. She’s my first godchild. Yay!

Cupcake from Asha's Birthday

Cupcake from Asha’s Birthday

2.) A control shift or a shift of control?

Control + Shift

Control + Shift

3.) Some random sauce.

random sauce

random sauce

Well, I guess that’s all for Macro Monday. Enlighten me please if I need to link to someone or some blog for this.

Aside from Macro Monday, I’m also preparing for the April A-Z Challenge. If you want to, you can visit their site and sign up there. Tomorrow would be the beginning of the challenge, I’m starting to jot down what topics to write starting tomorrow, though I’m not yet done until the letter Z but I’ll guess I’ll go spontaneous on every topic, I just need the list on days I feel like crazy, uninspired, or whatever lame excuse I can get. Just prepping up for some inter-personal issue I usually have with myself. One can never be sure, right? So yes, let’s kick some balls and I do hope I can really really really make this challenge.

See you around dear readers!:)


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  1. Love the colour of the cake 😀


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