Meal = Any Food + Coffee


I love to drink coffee. I can definitely say this without any hesitation. And not just those expensive coffee or the expensive place to drink this– I just love coffee. And I guess this is one of the traits that I got from my father, since my physical appearance is attributed to the genes of my mother and though my Math-driven brain is from my father, I guess there are some loopholes inside of me that is full of paradox and the like. Yeah, the habit of drinking more than 2 cups of coffee is not an addiction for me but rather—err, it runs in the blood.

My father would start and end his day with a cup of coffee; yes, you didn’t read it wrong, my father drinks coffee before going to sleep. And the 2 cups are just his minimum, he drinks coffee during the morning break and the afternoon break and sometimes during lunch or after dinner or between snacks. Take your pick. Mother used to scold us for drinking too much coffee, aside from the fact that it is bad for the health it also devours our budget for the week.


When I went to college, I got addicted to coffee especially on those nights that I need to study or program or play. I drink coffee to stay awake and that begins at around 8 in the evening up to four in the morning. I had a job at night and I play online games, so basically, I’m asleep in the morning and trying to be awake in the evening.

After college, I tried to lessen my caffeine intake. I stick to the 2 cups per day– one in the morning break and another after lunch. I get drowsy after lunch so I had to drink coffee to stay awake in the office. The nocturnal me is still inside of me and just lurking around, seducing me to fall asleep during office hours and awake whole night and I turn into a zombie the next day.

Trying to lessen the caffeine was a bad idea after all, I guess. I had mood swings, sleeping problem, out of focus problem and some sort. So, as a general medication for myself, I decided to lift my punishment. I drink coffee whenever I want to. I still count how many cups I consume per day but I don’t follow a pattern anymore.


One thing that I found out is the fact that I really do enjoy any food with coffee. Yeah. Any food with coffee. Chocolates. Biscuits. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Dinner Date. Lunch Date. There’s always that 1/10 probability that I would not order coffee when on a date. And I stick to brewed one. It relaxes me. It makes me feel happy and contented after a heavy meal. You can generally say that my dates are like coffee-sessions, just scattered cof

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