Morning Jog and Some Benefits from it

For the first time after a long time, we were able to jog again early this morning. It was fulfilling knowing the fact that it took a lot of effort and determination to separate my body from my ever-comforting bed and its pillow. I almost didn’t make it outside the door knowing that my body has been accustomed into sleeping until around 7 in the morning and rushing out to beat the traffic. Oh, before I get lost in this early morning rush hour and forget the reason of writing this post, here are the benefits that I think anyone can have if they would take that morning jog.

Greeting Mr. Sun. I know you always see him in the morning, though, I bet it’s always that time when you can’t even bear the heat under his blazing sun rays. Yes. I always feel that too, I don’t greet him good morning anymore because I sometimes hate the heat of the day. When you wake up early and feel that familiar morning breeze and Mr. Sun’s morning rays which are way better than those you feel at around 9 in the morning, you’ll definitely have a good day ahead of you.

Fresh Air. Yes. This is  one of the few things in the morning that are definitely free and are very rare throughout the day– a lot of fresh air. It’s like giving your lungs vitamins to fuel it up for the whole day ahead. It relaxes your senses and gives you that time of the day wherein you can meditate and do away with all the stress that is coming or might come your way.

Early Bird. Of course, you will definitely need to get up early to be able to jog early. And you know what does that mean: it means, you can enjoy some sort of time for yourself, before diving into your routine at work or to anywhere. It seems like you can do some stuffs before the day starts.

Health benefits. According to some Yahoo News articles that I have read a couple of days ago(yes, I read a lot of lose weight article and the likes), if you’re planning to lose weight, it would be best to jog early in the morning. It would make you lose more pounds or something and if you would make it a habit, it will also help you so as not to feel too tired or sleepy throughout the day. Of course, you need to do a light jogging– something that is not too much to start you day.

So get that lazy butt of yours off the slumber-place and get that feet kicking and running.

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