Move-It Monday: Why I Need To Exercise Again

I miss Swiming

I miss Swiming

I Miss Running

I Miss Running

Hi there!

I’ve been sick since last week and I’ve been blaming it to the weather. I think mother nature is quite bipolar these days that she gets sunny in the morning, then a heavy downpour by noon, then a hot afternoon and to close the day– one final drizzle. I can’t seem to cope with her mood swings nowadays. And guess what, (what?) I got that runny nose, cough and some sort of fever that goes on and off too. :( I called in sick today and spent the whole day sleeping and trying to “fix” myself by drinking lots of waters and some medicines but I still got that runny nose and my cough sounds like a dinosaur and some alien in a gargling fight. Err. Sounds too much.

Well, I certainly realized that it’s Monday today. Yes, it’s almost 10 in the evening here and I just realized that it’s Monday– well, it has nothing to do with work; rather, it has something to do with my battle plan that I posted a while ago. That I certainly did not follow truthfully, religiously and all. I am deeply sorry.

Move-It Monday. This is the scheduled topic for today and I would gladly share to you what I realized after being sick for a week and more now.

  1. I need to Move-It. Literally. I need to exercise. As far as I am concerned, I really need to move my lazy butt and paved the way to a better and healthy looking beach body.
  2. I miss running. It’s been too long ago that I hit the ground and did some lapse. Or, even joined some marathon. This is a bit stressing to realize.
  3. I miss sweating it out. As I mentioned on my first Move-It Monday post— I’ve been trying to do Tabata exercise. I’ll certainly try to do it once again.
  4. I miss swimming. By the way, YIPEEEEE. I NOW KNOW HOW TO SWIM PROPERLY. And when you certainly know how to swim, it kinda get addicting to do so.

Hmmm. I think that’s all in my magic list for now. Here’s a friendly reminder to myself and to other people out there:

“Exercise. Move It. It will certainly build your immune system and saves you from not doing what you usually/love to do.”

That’s from me! 😉 Be safe everyone! And don’t let the crazy weather make you sick! Tata!

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