Obligatory Bye 2013 and Hello 2014 Post!

2013 has been a good journey for me. Thanks to all the people who made it with me and as the hours is ticking and 2014 is just around the corner, let me take this opportunity to say “Thank You 2013! This year is really awesome for me! Hope I’ll be having a blessed 2014.”

I had fun! The birth of this domain and the introduction of server and how to’s in the world of websites were superb. No words can really explain how thankful I am to have someone who’s very willing to explain everything. I started posting a lot of stories and thoughts, though I think I need to improve more– more and more in the quantity and the quality of the post that I can create. Also, I need to expand my new horizon and starts writing a really good short story and somewhere, write a novel! Yes. I wanna participate in the NaNoWriMo and really produce a ¬†good one.

Well, on the reading side I’m only 18% of my goal! That’s 9 books/50 books this year. Well, I’m not that book-worm anymore but since Sugarplum gave me a Kobo Touch for my reading rendezvous I’ll slowly climb that ladder of success into reading around 150 books for 2014. Yey! That’s a lot but why not! It’s a challenge so it must be something that is out of my comfort zone.

I’m not really good at my finances this 2013 which by the way needs more and more improvement in 2014.

There will be travels– around Cebu for 2014!!! So I really need to be good at my finances as well as sharpen my time-management and stress-management!

Yay! Hoping to have a good year! Cheers to everyone!

For the heartaches, hurt and the bad things that happened in 2013, let’s not forget the lesson we had from them. For all the happiness, joy and smiles– let this be our inspiration to do good and more good for 2014! More blessings and love for everyone of us!

And every 1st of the month is our monthsary(me and sugarplum), so Happy New Year to us and Happy Monthsary! The whole world is celebrating with us. Hihi. :*


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