On Being 25

On being 25

I turned 25 last month and I’m quite excited about turning 26 next year. Finally, I can post something like 26 on the 26th(my birthday is on June 26), I hope this blog is still up when that happens.

For now, let me just talk about being 25 and its difference with being 24.

At 24, I still had a job in the corporate world. I spend a lot of my time in the office so I make it a point to dress up daily, get out with my friends and do a lot of over time. You can never imagine the number of times I tried to get out of that loop. It took me a while and it took some bigger boulders to be pushed. But I did it. Maybe that’s the biggest accomplishment that I had in my 24th year. 

At 25, I’m working at a startup company.. I still do over time but I had some sort of control with my life. I still go out with my friends but it does happen rarely. I work at home now and maybe my social skill is rusting. Not sure about that. We’ll see.

At 24, we (Sugarplum and I) started our hosting business. It was a shot in a dark trial. 

At 25, the business is thriving. We’re starting to gain more customers and we’re looking for more ways of making it stable.

At 24, I started building walls between people. I met a few new friends. I made new connections. I got job offers. I experienced losing a job and getting another one. And for the first time in three years, I was able to code something that I really love. I agreed to do an overtime and was smiling when I left the office even though it was already 6:00 AM. 

At 25, I realized some of my decisions at 24 were bad but I don’t regret them. I learned from them. I realized that I don’t need to build walls between me and others; those who care cannot see it and those who doesn’t care will never need a wall–they are long gone.

At 24, I tried to be in control of everything: my weight, fitness, running, finances, blogging and career.

At 25, I’m still trying.

At 24, I had a lot of words that I never let out. Words that were living inside of me. 

At 25, I hope they find their way out. Be free.

Maybe 24’s mistakes were there for 25 to learn. Maybe I shouldn’t be too sensitive when it comes to people’s reaction over me.  Maybe I should try my very best to not keep it all in. Maybe letting go and letting it out is a great way to live. People do change and they come and go. Those who change, changed for themselves. I had learned that there’s always two sides of the story, I’m quick to judge and I don’t really meditate about my decisions. Maybe, I have misinterpreted freedom. I forgot that when you get freedom you also need responsibility and many others. I hope 25 would give me the chance to  try again.

Here’s to being 25. To me trying. Cheers!

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  1. Happy belated birthday. Embrace each year as each year will be different … Don’t dwell on the past, but learn from it … and move forward … so yes, embrace tomorrow, too.

    • Thank you for this wonderful message! Yes I will and always will try to move forward and embrace the new beginning and accept the past! Thank you!


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