One Post a Day and Typhoon

Based on my previous posts and their intervals, I promised myself that I will religiously post something per day for the National Blog Posting Month. I tried my best but I would also like to remind myself that there are some things that are out of my control. My last post was on November 5 (it can be found here) and you might wonder what happened for the past few days or the last 4 days since it is already November 9 today.

Wednesday night, we had this quarterly gathering with my workmates and I went home past 12 midnight. I was so tired that I wasn’t able to go online or post something. :( Then came Thursday, I was planning to insert writing something while at the office so as to cover up for the Wednesday delay but my work items won’t let me and so I spend the whole morning coping with my task and planned to maybe render some overtime to finish it on-time. If you’re reading the news, a super typhoon is about to hit the Philippines, specifically the central Visayas region. It’s a supertyphoon that is categorized as a strong Category 5 typhoon that’s expected to struck damages on the places it would hit. The typhoon is locally named Yolanda and its international name is Haiyan. I’m currently living in Cebu (which if you might not heard of is hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last month) and we are one of the places that is feared to feel the strength of this typhoon. Thursday afternoon, while we were busy doing our task and hearing about people around the city doing some panic-buying rendezvous, our manager suddenly told everyone to go home and get ready for the typhoon that is expected to come the next day. A signal number two is already raised for Cebu and the mayor asked all the public and private offices to cancel any work for Thursday afternoon and the whole day of Friday. 

Instead of going home, we went directly to the nearest mall and had our share of panic-buying some stuffs that will make it through the storm. We bought rice, eggs, canned goods and some instant noodles. We also refilled our stocks of coffee and bread and planned to cook chicken for dinner. There are a lot of people in the grocery, I’ve seen a lot of workmates there, which I think doesn’t really happen all the time on normal occasion. When we arrived at home, we stock some water and charged our phones and laptop. The internet is not really cooperating so I wasn’t able to post something. Tehe.

And then Friday came, at around 12:55 AM the storm started. It was a slow pouring rain with a weak wind and so I slept peacefully that early morning. When morning came, there was no sign of Mr. Sun but the rain and some wind is dancing with the trees. The first thought that came into my mind when I woke up is that if the storm is really here, or, there’s still that small possibility that the storm changed direction and work would resume today. I had a grumpy stomach that morning and wished with all my heart that the water is not yet gone, it would really be a tragedy if that happened.

I was able to cook rice before they started to place the whole place into a blackout and cut our water supply. I think it’s a safety precaution that no electricity is running during the typhoon. The storm peak at around 10 in the morning, we were watching the trees and the old school in front of our house as they danced and bend with the wind. The wind is really strong that it almost broke the Guava tree into two. We were trying to be alert if, in any case, the situation would worsen. There are some instances when the wind is too strong and I had this fear that the school might come down to us. Luckily, after around 3 or 4 hours of unending rain and strong wind, the typhoon calmed down. It was late afternoon and we decided to sleep it off.

We woke up at around 7pm and then cooked for dinner. The typhoon was already gone, we were thankful that we’re still safe and wished that other people are also safe. We killed time by playing cards and around 8pm the electricity was back and yipee, we were able to watch some movie and had eaten dinner with a well-lighted room. It’s good to be back. I remembered what my manager told me about a typhoon that took place in Cebu in the 1990’s and that the electricity was out for almost a week and if that happens now, she can’t think how we’ll handle it. We can’t deny the fact that our generation is dependent with electricity and some of us can’t survive (but I think they can) without the internet. As for me, electricity is more important and having an internet connection is an add on to that. Well, we’re lucky, so lucky that we were not able to experience that week-long dilemma of not being able to call or text or have the luxury of a well-lighted home.

We slept late last night, around 11 or 12 midnight because I think we spent the whole day yesterday hibernating. Some sort of lazy day spent eating, staying awake then sleeping. Yay. I need to check on my weight again, the typhoon might have brought in some weight.

I am glad that the local government is really doing its best to protect its people from calamities like this. We were lucky that the typhoon didn’t caught us off guard and we were able to stock some food and water and batteries. We really can’t stop things like this from happening, what we can do is to be prepared before the storm. That calm before the storm feeling I felt on Thursday afternoon was a bit scary but it didn’t hinder me from preparing myself for what is to come. I hope that the government, as well as the private companies, would still do the same when a calamity is about to struck. For that, kudos to the local government of  Cebu and the Companies that followed the order, those actions definitely saved thousands of lives.

Another lesson learned during our panic buying escapade, buy disposable spoon and plate. The water supply might be cut so washing the dishes is really a big problem. 😉

This post is an update. I’ll try to catch up! Tata! Stay safe everyone and please pray for everyone’s safety. See yah around!

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