Blogging Goals, Writing, and Distractions

Writing Goals

Writing Goals

I started blogging late in my High School days, in the era of Friendster. Mind you, Facebook still never existed at that time. I continued writing during my college days, where I would spend a lot of time writing in my blog instead of coding. I had this calling for writing, or as I may put it, I really have this frustration in writing. I’m not good in grammar and all the complication the English language can offer, and maybe I still fail once in a while when I start writing but the satisfying feeling when I hit the post button is overwhelming. In those days, it was never about the page views, the ranking or the popularity of the blog. (more…)

Reasons Why I’m Not Planning to Get the Starbucks Planner 2015

Starbucks planner

Starbucks planner

I got my first planner from Starbucks last 2012 for the 2013 planner. Thanks to those long over time hours and weekends that I get the luxury of drinking too much brewed coffee. And with the help of my coffee addict office mates who are so willing to give me a sticker when they’ve already claimed their planner. I got my planner at half the price, I guess so. (more…)

What Have You Done Today?


What have you accomplish?

What are your plans?

What do you plan to do with your life?

Every accomplishment, be it big or small, started out as a plan. Slowly, the plan evolved into something more. Each steps are necessary, with the previous one building the new one. If we take every big accomplishment that we had, it would sum up to what we were doing with our one day. One day. 24 hours. Numerous minutes. A bigger number when we count it in seconds. That’s how we accomplish things, by spending that precious one day that we can never take back. Ever. Again.


A New Monday

Unexpected Goodbye

New beginning (Again?)

It’s not really a good idea to begin the week with a bit of a depressing post, right? Hey, it’s Monday and it should mark the beginning of the work week. If I start posting some saddening, gut wrenching post here I might as well start ruining my whole week. Okay, I’m a bit over-reacting here. (more…)

Witty: Color It Red

Let's color it red

Let’s color it red

Daily Prompt: Imagine we lived in a world that’s all of a sudden devoid of color, but where you’re given the option to have just one object keep its original hue. Which object (and which color) would that be?

Shoes. Color it red.

Yes, I’m both addicted to the color red and the shoes. If the world’s hue would be black and white, I’d rather still have my red shoes with me. 😛

What about your object and color dear reader? Post it here!

Thoughts on Being Alone

I am writing this post using a mobile phone, isn’t it amazing? Not so of course!

We are an era of selfies, smartphones, exaggerated internet speed that usually let us do everything on the fly. What’s gonna be amazing for us the next time might be quite difficult to visualize. Our demands are growing because we do think we can do it. We can push our own limit, push it until we see a new vantage point, a new horizon. But, where do we stop? When do we think that we certainly have enough? We don’t. Either we don’t know or we don’t stop at all. We are program that way– to search for the unthinkable, to discover the secrets hidden beneath the world. Or again, we might be feeding our own imagination way too much.

I went to the bookstore a few days ago and I realized that I’m beginning to be the person that I never wanted to be. I became too clingy to the people around me, thinking that since I’m alone, maybe everyone just forgot that I do exist. I became that self-centered person who thinks the whole world owe her a homage. I hate that kind. My kind. I scan the books thinking that I am alone and having that crazy conversation with myself about being alone and the depression of being one. I forgot to smell the flower or in this case the books. I forgot how to enjoy life without letting the whole world know through a post or a connection.

It’s scary when you feel that emptiness, the darkness of the voices within your head telling you that you’re a nobody. Nobody cares. And so on. Why does it matter? Why does other people’s approval of us do matter? Is it because we were wired that way? Or, does it have something to do with the advancement of our era that people are beginning to act a little immature? And why do we always blame the technology around us, when in the first place we were the one who inflicted any kind of social stigma or status quo wherever we go?

Maybe our own self worth is a reflection of our ability to see the goodness within ourselves and to others. Maybe we ought to see that the world doesn’t stop for anyone– or everyone. The world has its own life and it’s high time we do our own fair share of living, alone or not.

Limited Second Chances

I’m not a happy person always. I get my fair share of depression, over thinking, paranoia and stuffs like that that makes living this life a little bit more stressing. Sometimes to get by this feeling of negativity, I tend to look deep unto my being. Accept that these things are real– that sometimes, running away or holding back won’t solve anything. I tend to close when people started asking what’s wrong or what’s the matter. I’m not a sharer always, I say things in my head for my thoughts– it’s a little bit hard for me to say some things to other people. Maybe that’s how I was designed to be.

When depressing thoughts, pressures and all the negativity strikes, I always try my best to look on the brighter side. Reminding myself that it’s never too late until I say so. It’s a harsh principle but it’s also a reminder to myself that I get to enjoy another chance. But

THERE’S A BIG BUT HERE… (not butt, move on) (more…)

Move-It: The Joy of Moving It



I like walking alone, sometimes.

I’m not a fan of walking down an empty road with just a lamp post ahead; what I like is more on walking down a busy street. Carrying my bulky backpack as I smell some sort of pollution from the passing cars because it gives me that feeling that I can certainly think here and be sure that I’m not really alone.

Here are some moving it thoughts that has been passing through and forth in my mind:  (more…)

Wrap-up Weekend: A Review and an Updated Plan

It’s almost 12 midnight here and I’m trying to buzzer beat again as I present you the first ever Wrap-Up Weekend that I’ll be doing for the blog schedule.

I’m not going to give out any excuses anymore and not talk about what can’t be done; rather talk about what can be done.


This week I only managed to post this two:

This means that I need more improvement in the coming weeks. As for that, I am really in a tight schedule because I am in the midst of a cross road. Of course, I may talk a little bit vague about it but I guess I’ll create a separate post about it when the right time comes (crossing my fingers).


As of this writing, I am still in the planning stage of the what to post. Here’s a list of what I can post.

  • Techy Tuesday -> I’ll be posting something about “Pragmatic Programmer” because I’m creating a presentation for my teammates about it and I thought of sharing it here too. :) Two birds with one stone, I guess.
  • Fizzy Friday -> I hope I can finish the Carnaza adventure and post it on time by Friday. 😀

I guess that’s the concrete plan as of now. And really, I’m still a little bit puzzled as to what to post tomorrow. :)

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the battle plan that I created a little over a month/months ago.

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Have a nice week ahead everyone! :)

Move-It Monday: Why I Need To Exercise Again

I miss Swiming

I miss Swiming

I Miss Running

I Miss Running

Hi there!

I’ve been sick since last week and I’ve been blaming it to the weather. I think mother nature is quite bipolar these days that she gets sunny in the morning, then a heavy downpour by noon, then a hot afternoon and to close the day– one final drizzle. I can’t seem to cope with her mood swings nowadays. And guess what, (what?) I got that runny nose, cough and some sort of fever that goes on and off too. :( I called in sick today and spent the whole day sleeping and trying to “fix” myself by drinking lots of waters and some medicines but I still got that runny nose and my cough sounds like a dinosaur and some alien in a gargling fight. Err. Sounds too much.


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