Passing By

Someone else

Someone else

He was just passing by. That’s the original plan, a plan made around 10 years ago when they were still lovers. A visit from anyone of them. There were premonitions or hear-says that your first love is never your last, that you’ll eventually meet someone better and you’ll then understand why that first one didn’t work out.

She was standing at the porch, the autumn wind playing with her hair and her skirt. She was beautiful, as always. The sparks in her eyes were still the same, it was overwhelming. That look– it melts his heart and his anger. Those big hazel eyes that would sparkle when she talks and as always, would swept him off his feet. How he anticipated this day more than his wedding day. 

“I’m glad you came Carlo. I miss you so much, “she greeted him and hugged him. Lightly.

She took him inside and introduced her husband and after a few chat, he went home.

On his way home, he was a bit confused. He was over thinking or exaggerating what he saw. It was one of the things that they always fight over– his keen eyes on small details that he thinks matters the most. Just like now, or the last hour that passed by, how he had seen the things that might not matter anymore. She wasn’t in love with her husband. Her eyes were not sparkling, the way they did when she looked at him, it was different. It was cold and it was instant, it seems she loathed her husband or he was over thinking again. Ah, it was not his problem anymore. He was, all along, passing by.

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