Pink Inspiration

pink :)

pink :)

I need to jog. I want to jog but sometimes I lose all the interest or inspiration to run– even if I slip into my jogging gears which includes a jersey, short and shoes, it’s not even enough. I am gaining weight and though I sometimes tell myself that it’s okay to get some fats or gain some more because for the very first time in my life, I feel healthier; at the back of my mind I have this paranoia that I am not healthy.

Discipline together with a little bit of inspiration will surely get me going. I do hope so. I usually jog with my boyfriend and he always tries his best not to pressure me on how many rounds or laps I am willing to go. His principle is it’s all mine to make– no matter how many people pressures you into doing this or that, the final decision in everything will always be yours. I’m very lucky I have him.

To give myself a little push– a little inspiration maybe, I bought that shoes. My pink inspiration. To get me going and to remind me that I should run. (And yesterday was payday 😉 ) This post will also be an inspiration to me. I am guilty of reading my own post over and over again— and in the long run( I hope so) if I lose all the inspiration to run again, this post will serve its purpose.

Good morning everybody! :)

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