Plans and the Art of Revising

Yoga and soccer-- for a healthier lifestyle.

Yoga and soccer– for a healthier lifestyle.

I know I am not good at planning; neither in the act of religiously following it. I tend to plan something out and in few moments, I would change the plan–yes, revise it and forget about the original plan. I’m not making up excuses (or, maybe I am. Who knows), instead I’m trying to give a brief light of self-realization why I do this thing.

I might be fickle-minded (here we go again about being a woman) but for some, it’s just an excuse of not being well-disciplined and taking responsibility in our choices. I wanted to live with the principle of choices– choose and live with it. But the act of changing one’s mind once in a while is an act of choosing, right? It’s your choice not to follow the plan because you know that somewhere in between the start and the end of the plan, you’ll simply drop out of it. It’s better to stop when you know it won’t get you anywhere. 


The truth about aborting a plan is that it might hinder things that are more important to a person’s judgement. Take for example, my diet plan. The ever fail diet plan that I usually give myself after a visit to the office weighing machine. I would plan to not eat too much the next meals and the one after that and so on. But, a big BUT, I can’t turn down an invitation from friends that would surely be an overloaded meal with three times or more than my usual meal. Yes, I can’t say no, especially if I really want to go out with that person or group of people. And in my own judgement, that’s is way more rewarding than losing 1 kg from my weight.

See? I am being ironic again. And making those plans are quite depressing to me. On the other hand, I don’t want to live this life without a game plan— a strategy, a goal or whatever that is. I don’t want to be that happy-go lucky, go-with the flow kind of person. And I’ll be hitting the mid 20’s soon and I still think I am incapable of being responsible enough or disciplined enough to exercise or go on a diet; how much more on serious matters like savings and future plans. And it’s kinda scary for someone like me to realize this.

To ease my self-doubt and to lower down the scare factor, I now have a plan. The not-so-detailed plan, a plan that I think would work on me. The plan of Revising the plans. Yes, plans should never be as detailed as possible. Religiously following step 1 to step N to achieve one’s goal takes out the fun in doing something. And not following an item in the plan and trashing the whole plan takes out your own personal goals from a person’s life. To balance things out– revise. Yes. It’s not a crime to revise the plan and still the goal is still the same. Yes. Everyone is entitled to his or her own choices and how he or she wants something to be done.

If you think certain things will really not work out for you– try revising the plan and get back to the game–asap. It’s one way of doing something and I think it will probably work. Let’s not forget that being proactive in facing the things that we think we are incapable of is somewhat a way of achieving something from it. Yes, be proactive not reactive. Propose something when you find one loop-hole in any plans. That’s a better reaction than just pin pointing the fault and just letting it stay that way.

As a conclusion, I’ll revise my diet, exercise and other plans when I feel the need to do it. And remember, I’m revising the plan but not moving it. Have a good day!

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