Preventing the ‘Sunday Dread’

Preventing the Sunday Dread

It’s a Sunday night and that feeling that it’s going to be a long work week ahead is piling up inside me and I can’t seem to properly take my Sunday night rest. Thoughts about my unfinished task, the bugs I need to fix, the blog posts that I’m planning to prep and post are cramming inside of me and pushing me to a depressive state. Stop!

That’s really what a Sunday Dread is all about, it’s about the dread of Monday. Monday, whose sole fault is being the first day of the work week and thus is quite dreaded by a lot of people. I don’t want to jump into the bandwagon of Monday haters as it might ruin my whole work week. Remember, it’s better to start happy than annoyed or stressed out. I really can’t function well when I’m stressed out, it’s in me and I’m trying to play around that phase by trying my best not to be in that phase. Haha. Prevention.

I might not hate Monday but there are instances when I really do have that Sunday dread. Prevention, as I’ve mentioned above, is the best solution to not be in the Sunday Dread phase. Here’s a Prevention List that I’ve tried and so far, it’s a little bit effective:

  1. Take the weekend off. Take a break. Breaks are magical, they can restore your energy to be 100% efficient in any way possible.
  2. Plan a relaxing activity for the weekend. It can be anything from book reading, to bumming out in the beach– it’s your call, as long as you’re relaxing.
  3. Don’t open your email (work-related), as I’ve mentioned above take the weekend off, and it means not reading and stressing yourself out on work related email and all.
  4. Limit your social media browsing. Time to go out.
  5. Meditate. Meditate. Reset your mind and body. This is best done during Sunday night. A better preparation than killing your own energy on dreading Monday.

As you can see, the items above can be summed up as: Take a break. Yes. Sunday dread is a phase that we usually get when we didn’t relax during our breaks. If you can take that 1 or 2 days off, away from work and its stress, you can definitely say goodbye to that Sunday dread.

I’m not an expert in this one but I sure do know how it feels when you’re dreading Monday because you haven’t taken any break away from your work table. I’ve read somewhere that there is more to life than working– than doing something 8 hours per day for five days. Life, as short as it may be, should be spent on experiences, on happiness and not on dreads of Mondays whose sole fault was the start of the work week.

I hope these tips can really help anyone ease out that Sunday dread. Let’s just start the work week full of energy to be 100% efficient in anything that we would be doing!

Happy work week!

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