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I can't read anymore

Reader’s Block: I can’t read anymore

It’s quite frightening to realize that this year, I haven’t finished reading a lot of books and I still consider myself an “avid” book reader. I love reading but it seems the blogosphere is taking all my (reading) time, along with the news blog and some tutorials; hence, my time for reading book and the like seems to fade. I think it’s more on things that I need to finish and the things that I scheduled on weekends and even on my free time on weeknights. I do swimming and soccer on Saturdays and marathons on some Sundays. I also do jogging on weeknights, if I woke up late. Well, I’m trying to lose some weight and stay healthy. I think I have to improve my time management skills as well as my discipline on how to religiously follow my plans. 

Well, the things that I list up there is more of the things that are occupying my time but I still have some time for myself and some deafening silence time that would really trigger my paranoia in which I try my best to divert it and read some books. But, no matter how well written the book is and how I love the author and the story of the book, there’s this small voice inside my head telling me to sleep or stop reading or, in the midst of my reading escapade, the list of the things that I should be doing would pop up and would make me stop reading any book.

I certainly miss reading books. I would love that old feeling of being led into new horizon, new dimensions, of the new world that Anne or Stephen or John or Michael is trying to create in my mind. I hate this reader’s block that seems so impossible to exist but here I am, trapped within its chain and it’s quite difficult to get out of here. I want to read again but sometimes, real life seems so difficult to manage that my own time is slipping through my fingers without me noticing it.

I hope I’ll get the chance to read again— or, the more effective way of doing this is planning and making sure that I cover everything in real life and manage my life so as to give some time for me to read or update my blog. Well, enough for this blab and time to start the projects or the mini-plans and to continue the books I want to finish.

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    • Done! Haha. Created an account on goodreads. yay.

  1. Oh, I suggest reading books from HP Lovecraft, too. He writes in the genre that you love reading (not for me, though). Hahaha.

    This book title seems like a good read, for example: The Best of H.P. Lovecraft: Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre


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