Reasons Why I’m Not Planning to Get the Starbucks Planner 2015

Starbucks planner

Starbucks planner

I got my first planner from Starbucks last 2012 for the 2013 planner. Thanks to those long over time hours and weekends that I get the luxury of drinking too much brewed coffee. And with the help of my coffee addict office mates who are so willing to give me a sticker when they’ve already claimed their planner. I got my planner at half the price, I guess so.

Then came Dec 2013, one of my coffee addict mate resigned and thus, I need to work on my own set of stickers and they just introduced the Starbucks’ card and I was already planning to avail the 5000 PHP load just to get the planner. Luckily, I didn’t. I might have overdosed myself now with too much SB. But, I still got the planner, though I wasted the last coffee with it because I was too full that night and I was aiming to get the planner before I go home.

What happened to the two planner?

The 2013 planner was not very used. I still got some space to random doodle when the inspiration hit me.

The 2014 planner is used. Very used. Before starting my day, I’ll sit down and jot down what needs to be done for the day or for tomorrow. And then close it, then forget about it and forget about the plans until tomorrow, when I get to write down fresh stuffs again.

I guess, the whole purpose of having a planner is to remind us that we do have plans that needs to be done. What’s missing in my case is the fact that after closing it, I failed to reopen it and check where am I in my plans? Or, am I still on track of what I am suppose to be doing? Because that’s how should a planner help you— in achieving your plans.

This year, I quit my job of two years. The one where I got those SB planner. I don’t do much over time now but I still drink a lot of coffee. A lot as in a lot. This year, I started using my SB planner much more than the previous one but I guess I still missed some days and some plan.

I don’t hate Startbucks or their coffee, I’m a coffee addict. I love coffee and SB is one of those coffee shop with a great blend. I still go there for the bean and some blended coffee but the shop is always packed up with people. The store really got a name and a coffee and has a lot of customers. Always. I can’t battle with that. I go on coffee shop hunting, especially now that I can take my work with me anywhere I want to and SB is not just the place for me because, errm, no free internet. Haha.

This year, I’m not planning to get an SB planner because I had my fair share of what their planner feels or look like. This year, I am planning to get a planner that I will deem helpful to me. I’ll hit the bookstore before going home and maybe find some planner that will probably suit me. Yeah!

I’m not planning to get an ┬áSB planner but I’m open to gifts if you plan to give me one. Hoho. Just kidding. Have a happy day!

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