Reasons Why This Site is Not so Plain Anymore

When it comes to designing one’s site, not everyone has the talent for it. Basically, not everyone is meant to be a designer. I for one will certainly not become one– I’m not a user-interface type of programmer. I would prefer delving into back-end programming rather than producing something which I really don’t have. Practically speaking, it takes a reasonable amount of talent and experience to be good at designing, with a mixture of some magically-embedded ingredients I can never grasp. But, let’s stick to the point that I really don’t know how to design or even pick what might be catchy for some. I can only give you a plain webpage–something plain as in PLAIN.¬†

With a lot of help(comments and suggestions) from my friends about my website’s design– I finally found something nice to start with in the upgrade of this site. According to my unpaid designer(which is basically one of my friends and I’m a little bit leeching some artistic juices from him because he’s very good at this), the fonts are better now than they’ve been before and we can still improve the look and feel of the site for it to make an impact to the world and attain a large amount of audience (kidding!). So ,it technically means my free-riding to his talent is far from over! (I’m a bad friend, I know :P)

I played around on some free WordPress themes and added some more free fonts. It’s high time I pay some tribute to those real MVP who definitely made this world a better place by making their craft free to use! Thank you very much!

  • Theme – Currently, I’m using Suits theme developed by Theme Weaver. They certainly create clean and simple wordpress solutions. You can browse their free theme or maybe opt in buying a customized theme if the need arises.
  • Fonts – I also used some free fonts I got ¬†from Font Squirrel. They have a wide variety of fonts that you can check and use. It’s just a click away(the installation is yours). And they also sell beautifully crafted fonts at a minimum rate. Check it out folks. :)
  • Ideas – The major tips on how to make this blog better comes from this friend. Check out his blog!

I can definitely sleep soundly tonight knowing that I’ve done some major/minor improvement to this baby of mine! Good night dear readers!


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