Redesign, Rearrange: A Microcosm of Thoughts

Tiny Bedroom Redesigned (Borrowed image from the internet)

Tiny Bedroom Redesigned (Borrowed image from the internet)

The bed should be align to the wall, with my stuffed toys on top of it. The drawer on its right or left. Maybe I should place the boxes here and the hanger stand there. Oops, I need to budge the cabinet a little bit to make way for the hanger stand. I should hang the cork board to make it useful. Maybe the bed sheets need to be changed. Add the curtain to that list. Lessen the pillow to three from five to make the bed a little more comfy.

This is how I worked on the room– rearranging and redesigning where should I place what to make it a little bit comfortable. It reminds me of myself, this room and all the clutter that it has is like a microcosm of my thoughts. Work, hobbies, plans and their priorities are in constant motion within my head. And it makes management of these tasks or to-do’s a little bit difficult for me. I can’t add more time to my one day, same as I can’t add more space to the room. What I can do is to put up a plan on how to achieve them, one by one– slowly but surely.

Redesigning is one of the key in achieving something– this is the case for me. I need to redesign the plan– my daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, short-term or even long-term plans. They need to be redesigned to fit into my current situation or if I had a bad day. I am well aware that people create plans for them to achieve something and for some, it works well for them that they would religiously follow plan A to plan Z in chronological order, but for me this is never the case. I create plan to make it a little bit clear to myself what needs to be achieved within the day. And I am also well aware of the fact that humans has the tendency to be out of track, life is spontaneous. What might be of higher priority now might not be of priority in a minute or a day after. There are a lot of  reasons for this sudden changes– or, nothing-is-constant cliche can be used for this.

Plans are just guiding star for me but the practical application of that is not as solid as what I had in mind during planning because life is not constant, it’s not a controlled environment where the outcome can be controlled too. No. It’s never like that, it’s as dynamic as our thoughts. It changes and our priority also changes as the day progresses. It can be affected by the mere weather, our own sentiments, emotions and even by the choices that we make. It’s quite normal that we change our plans, our thoughts and arranged them the way we wanted them to be.

If you feel like nothing is quite working out in the plans that you’ve made before, or if you think that you’re already lost in your life with no saving grace, then maybe it’s high time that you start to redesign your plans. Rearrange your thoughts and your priority based on your current situation. It’s not a crime to start where you are; do what you can as of the moment because life’s greatest moments begin with a single little step (too cliche but true). Nothing can ever change overnight, it takes a lot of days or nights to do something. And if you think that you’ve failed yesterday, redeem yourself today. Life’s battle will be over the moment you quit. In that particular moment that you stop doing something, that my dear is your life’s greatest tragedy.

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  1. I need to work on redesigning my plans, too, to get them done. Hahaha.

  2. Same here. I’m on my way on getting things done. Good luck to us! Rawr. đŸ˜€


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