This week’s photo challenge is reflections.

It’s a time to think about what’s happening in my life. This photo says something more than the mere sight of a tree over a phone. This is how I live my life as of the moment– a mixture of technology and life itself. It’s quite difficult to balance everything, growing up as an adult while keeping up with the current trends in my field for the betterment of my career. Some people might think that it’s easy to balance everything, just take it one at a time, but it doesn’t work for everyone. There are people who just can’t handle everything, there are people who would probably miss this or that for doing what they think is important. It’s more of a gut-feel, lucky charm or whatever instincts there might be for choices that should be made by adults.

I really need to reflect on things that are important to me: my life, my growth, my career and all the things that concerns me. It might sound selfish but anyone should make these stuffs as clear as the reflections that one might see to be able to pave their own path in this world. I need to grow, therefore, I need to find a better way of making things done.

Good day everyone! :) I’ll be on a short vacation this weekend, so see you around!

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