Relationship—a perfect brew?



“Give her a relationship that everyone is jealous of.”

I laugh when I read this quote, not because a relationship that some people would be jealous of is somewhat not achievable (difficult but achievable); but because of the fact that the quote began with “Give”. I’m not saying that the concept of unconditional love should be trashed. Of course not! My point is, a relationship is not a one way street. It takes two to Tango. The list of cliche’s would go on and on about this topic. Looking at it at different angle or different level of maturity– it would mean the same, it will take two person who is committed enough to make a relationship work. 

It’s not a brand name on a cup with hot coffee; it is something that is perfectly brewed, something that took some time before you can even smell that slight aroma that calms you. It’s a long process, from the time that you pick the beans up to the grounding of the beans, even the brewing process of a relationship takes time. And as you sat down and enjoy its aroma, the warmth that it gives and the sweet enticing taste of it– you’ll surely agree to me that yes, it took a lot of time but it’s all worth it. Working for it is an achievement. And this stage is yours to enjoy.

It’s a gift, when somebody gives their love to you, it is a gift and it’s up to you if you are willing to make that love grow into something more. If you want to make the relationship work– then go on. It’s your life, nobody can tell you that it’s wrong to love. It’s high time that you decide something for yourself. You only have one life—live it. Stop caring if you must. And never, ever, let society dictates their norms into your life because if you do you’ll be caged in it and once in there, there is no reset button anymore. Game over.


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