Saturday’s Breakfast


For today’s breakfast I prepared a hotdog with lettuce with a sandwich spread burger. I know it’s not the healthiest breakfast we’ll ever had but it’s enough for our hungry stomach. It has been so long that I had tried my best to start a diet– a healthy diet packed with all the vitamins and minerals that is essential for me to get through the day but like all the “tried” stuff I did I failed to stick to it. I tried jogging but when the laziness kicks in, I get this habit of saying “I’ll do it later”. This is not an exaggeration but rather an explanation why my waistline is starting to get a little bigger. Yes I am gaining some fats and my skirts and pants are the one who were suffering the most.

I read from the news yesterday that there was this certain study about why women are getting a little bit fatter now compared to the women some 10 or 20 years ago, though I’m not really sure about this, and the study concluded that one of the factors is that women today doesn’t do a lot of house chores compared to the women in the past. We can’t help it, I guess so, because we are now in an era where women wants equality with men and that means that women works in the offices and as we know, office works means sitting down at least 8 hours a day plus stress-related situations which triggers everyone’s frienemy– stress-eating. And add something like a lifestyle-related exercises, which requires a great amount of determination to do it.
I’m not really saying that women should do all the houseworks– husband and wife can split houseworks. But we cannot deny the fact that because of working, our lifestyle is not that active. So women need to just add more determination and exercise if we want to lose that flab. 😉

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