Scary Books or Just my Imagination

Stephen King's Bag of Bones

Stephen King’s Bag of Bones

My all time favorite author will always be Stephen King when it comes to storytelling and frightening books. He has this ability to instill to me that I am inside this big nightmare and watching the characters in his book being jeopardize by every event there. It’s like being able to direct my own movie with his use of words and as much as I would like to close my eyes but I cant because I don’t want to miss the next scene from his books.

For me, books are really scary compared to that of movies because of the fact that I become the director of my own movie and the scariest part of it is the fact that my imagination is using my own set of fears and paranoia against me and thus, creating the best scene that would definitely make me pee on my own pants(hopefully not!).  Yes, it’s scary for me to imagine the scenes in his stories and somewhat, I think its one of the reason I get a lot of paranioa on some days, though, I think I’m making excuses for my paranoia or my twisted imagination.

Right now, I’m stuck with one of his book “Bag of Bones”. I’m not done with it and I think it will take a lot of time before I’ll be able to finish it and the like. Though, I really miss the book and chills and the fright that I get from them, I still need to do some real-life work and set my mind to be scared again. I’m not ditching the book away, I love the author and his books and though, they are the scariest thing that ever to exist in my entire life, I would certainly go back to them and willingly open my arms to embrace the fright that they will be giving me. Yes, definitely, I love being scared by reading stories from Stephen King.


For the love of Daily Prompt: Fright Night.
What about you dear readers, what can really scare you?

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    • Haha. yeah, that’s really scary. O_o



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