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Inks and Scribbles new header

Inks and Scribbles new header

The site is now up and running, design-wise nothing really changed except the updated About Page and new categories: Books, Personal Thoughts and Short Stories.

Why did I narrow down my categories to these three?

A little bit of history, I started this blog out of my frustration to be a good writer. I really wanted to practice my not so good skill and I’ve read somewhere that to become a good writer one must write always and read too. I write anything under the sun; hence, this blogs contents were a mixture of stories, technical stuffs, travel, cooking experiments, fitness try outs and more. I thought, not having a niche is a niche in itself but realized that I’m trying to fit a lot of things in this blog and I really forgot the main goal of this blog– to write and share what I’ve been reading.

This revamp doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing about my cooking, the places I visited or about my shopping spree; rather, it does mean that I am now an owner of another website. Yes, I created another one and hopefully, some people might be able to read them too. You can visit my new baby at Cooking Stilettos, though it is still in maintenance mode as I’m still sorting out the posts and making sure that the transition is good.

I finally found a niche for this blog and the other blog and I’m going to take advantage of this knowledge to create interesting posts here and there.

This revamp will enable me to focus writing short stories and book reviews on this blog. Please feel free to follow this site if you want to know more about my writing and my reviews. I’ll be updating this site about three times per week, hopefully I’ll be able to cope with that. :)

I’m aware that this move is not really good on my SEO but its better to do it now than later, right?

Well, cheers to another milestone for this blog and see you around loves!

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