Tangled Hair

I woke up today with a tangled hair. It’s somewhat distressing, I guess every woman you’ve known will understand my dilemma this morning, untangling one’s hair and trying my very best not to pull more hair than expected. When dealing with tangled hair, experts would advice some sort of hand combing, ditching the comb and using your hands to comb and untangle your hair. It requires a lot of skills and a bigger chunk of patience to make sure that you won’t be jeopardizing your hair strands and giving yourself an instant hair loss problem.

Tangled hair is just like the lives that every single one of us lives; in one way or another, we are tangled to each other. A single deed of the other has a direct or an indirect effects to other people’s lives and we sometimes don’t know if it is good or not. If it’s good, then we should be proud of it, if it’s bad, we have to improve our decision making skills.

My tangled hair made me realized a lot of things this morning, something about our tangled life, as well as, my very own– that it is a chain of the decisions I’ve made in the previous days. And wherever I am in this tangled life is a living proof of what I have done and what I didn’t do and wherever I am in the next chapter of this untangling phase will be decided by me– of the choices that I will make and the choices that I won’t choose.

And also, another point in this tangled post is that I should find a new shampoo or a better conditioner or really go to the salon and pamper my hair. 😀


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  1. Didn’t think you’d get a lot of revelations when your hair tangles.. All I think of when that happens is that I need to get my hair cut.. 😛

    • Hahaha.. I just get some weird revelations. sometimes. 😛


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