TGIF(Thank God It’s Friday)–ohh wait it’s Friday the 13th!

Everyone loves Friday, from students up to working professionals who are trapped in the 8 hours / 5 times a week working routine. Some hate Mondays because it means going back to that routine and Friday seems so far again. And Fridays, yey! The last hurdle towards the 2-day break that everyone deserves. A time to spend some time with your loved ones, relax and be away from the stressful environment that you are into.

Ever since I was a child a lot of people would tell me that the unluckiest day of the year are those days where the number 13 is on a Friday. It’s just unlucky. I never had the chance to know what lies behind that taboo day. What does Friday the 13th means? Will it ruin your 2-day vacation behind it, which I think is more important than labeling that day as unlucky.

13. According to numerology, it is an irregular number, transgressing completeness. Derived from the Last Supper because of the death of Jesus, there were 13 diners, thus resulting to the death of one of them.

Friday. The death of Jesus. Other than that, a lot of professional including the writer of Canterbury Tales believed(decided) that journey or projects shouldn’t starts on a Friday because it is unlucky.

The irony on these facts is that it touches Christianity and the superstitions that we have. Yes it’s ironic because in this affiliation, superstition should not be part of the belief. If you have the faith that you should have ideally, then this kind of superstition should never matter to you.

So enjoy this 13th day of the month and enjoy it even more because it’s on a Friday. And tomorrow is the beginning of the weekend that you have been waiting for. :)

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