The Basic from High School



I don’t really remember the scene or the time it took place but I still remember the words. Sounds like an introduction from a love story, right? But this is something more. I learned how to deal with life’s greatest and numerous problem. And it was from my junior adviser, she told me how to deal with the irritation that I usually feel when I need to do the dishes or the laundry or my homework.

If you want to do something then do it, if not, then don’t do it. As simple as that. No need to feel the irritation for being forced to do something.”

And with that, I had been facing life quiet well ever since. It made me realize that everything is nothing but a choice. My happiness. My bitterness. My heartaches and even the things that will make me better or worst. Life is more about choices and not some well-defined destiny. It is your choices and my choices that is making this world as it is. Don’t blame the Man out there when something bad is happening. He gave us one of the most effective and powerful tool among all the organisms inhabiting the world– we have a free-will.
So don’t let anybody do it for you.
Choose when given the chance.
Choose when you need to and when you ought to.

You have one life. One shot at it. Don’t waste it with sadness and regrets. You might have heard about this for the hundred times now, but believe me they were right.
I choose the things I am now. And I choose to be happy with those choices. And I am happy that some people are also sharing it with me– we choose to talk rather than to fight.
I’m not the best giver of advice in this world but I had my fair share of life’s happiness and sadness and the roller-coaster twist that it can offer. I have some pieces of advice and it’s your choice to believe me or not.

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  1. Yeah, just like choosing to express urself and post it here in your blog and be contented and happy about it or waste your time, talent, ink on your pen and throw away your precious scribbles and then regret later 😛

    • :( Speaking of old scribbles.. I think I lost some of them. >_< I need to find my old notes and start populating this blog.


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