The ‘I failed’ stage

I’m okay. I will get through this. This is one of life’s challenges that I should be able to surpass. I should accept the fact that I can’t win every battle that I will face. In some fights, I will lose. I have to scrape my knee for me to learn. I must not cry. I shall not cry. This will not define who I am; this is only one. There will be a lot more exams to take. A lot of chances. I can do better in another one. The project had kept me away from studying, I have a valid reason why I failed.

These are my thoughts after seeing the “Not passed” result from the exam. It was screaming at me. FAILED. Eating away all the happiness and my energy for that day. Argh! I should check results after work, not before.
The I failed stage is one of the most fragile stages in our life. It’s okay not to be okay, you’re entitled to feel that way. If you want to cry then go on— even the clouds need to shed some tears to make them brighter and to give way for the rainbows. I’m not really okay but it’s easier to accept it than to just work around it—pretending I’m good at it when I’m not. There are other things that will be for me. And life gives a lot of chances for us to take. It’s our choice to take one. I’ll be okay. No worries. :)

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