The Length of a Skirt

For so many days now, I have been battling with myself whether I should write about this or not. Aside from the fact that since I have made a public profile, a facebook fan page to be exact, of this blog there is a greater possibility that my co-workers might be able to read this and hence, it might or might not affect my current career. And that being said will get us to a bigger issue on how our freedom of expression is usually tarnished by being known. Sometimes, a pen name and pseudonyms are more useful than being pinpointed as the one who have written this or that. Once you are a known person, the things that you say or the thoughts that you would write will reflect on how people will feel about you; one of the biggest dilemma of  our race. As a result, their feelings would become a top priority or a hindrance on what you should write or what you shouldn’t. A big NO. No. No.

Enough of that blabs. Let me direct your attention to the main purpose of this post. And after a long foreword let me give you a little history about myself, to give light on some reasons that I might give in the end of this post.

I went to UP (University of the Philippines) and to be exact, I went to UP Mindanao, the campus that was nearest to where I grew up. UP. A prestigious name of a university where it boast itself for a tradition of great thinkers. A ground of academic excellence. A statue of a nude man who has nothing but knowledge (and a leaf).  And from this, comes the idea that one does not need a uniform or a big gate to cage its students from the outside world. Your playground is everywhere. Learning is not limited from the four nooks of the classroom. And what made it more enticing to students — no uniforms. No dress code. You can wear your high heels if you like– if you won’t be stuck on one of the university’s mud grounds. You can wear your shortest shorts if you like; you can show what you want and it’s up to you. And that’s where I have been in the 4 years(plus extensions) of my college life. I have learned to be free– to be responsible of my actions and to choose what I want.

After graduation, I met the real world. The grounds of UP is a different place from the outside world. The outside world is governed  by the biggest company who boast their pool of great minds from different universities. There are rules. Big rules. From the 8 hours per day work up to the Identification Card that you should wear and even the length of your skirt. Yes, you have no freedom even on the clothes that you wear. You should follow these guidelines and all the blah. The corporate world has no rooms for idealistic freedom. It’s all about money and being presentable to the twisted norms of society. Yes, we all have that twisted biases that women who wore short skirts are bitches or whores– that the length of the skirt of one person will define who she is.

We live in an era where everyone is fighting for his or her own freedom; yet, we have rules to follow. Guidelines to make us manageable because after all, the facade of freedom is what we have right now. Freedom, in its purest form needs no rules or guidelines, it only needs responsibility. And I guess, no one feels that somehow, someone deserves this freedom.

The length of my skirt will not define who I am. My perception of longer skirts might be different from yours but since I am still working for somebody else, I guess I need to follow them and the rules that govern companies nowadays. :)


I want to post this under Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man

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  1. I feel its more about perception and varies from person to person, one shouldn’t generalize. There is good, there is bad :)

    • I couldn’t agree more. It’s generally base on every person’s perception though. :)



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