The Perfect Life

There are always differences when people view what is perfect and what is not. Sometimes, it is the embodiment of the things that we can’t do or on other times, an upgrade of what we have right now. As for me(a little disclaimer: at this time),I will ┬áintroduce you to my fantasy of the perfect life for Bunny.

This is Bunny by the way. He’s a 2-year old stuffed toy that my Mom got from a garage-sale-like-store. I think Bunny got a good glimpse of the world before meeting me. He maybe from the war or some sort of tour around the world and I’ll never know. Since he is mine now, so he will have some sort of my adventures.

This is the life of Bunny, a perfect little one in his own ways.

FxCam_1352850710098He sleeps until the sun’s up. He sleeps at night. He loves sleeping. And he sleeps whenever he wants to. Sometimes, he sleeps at noon, after long hours of playing. Bunny believes that sleeping is the answer to any problems that is related to health and beauty. And it always take away the stress. So on some stressful days where the sun is not up in his world, he sometimes turn to sleep to cheer him up. After a long and satisfying sleep, he can think clearly of solutions to his problems. That’s it.

He oversleeps sometimes but it doesn’t matter anyway. It’s a perfect world; so, he can do anything he likes.


After a long sleep, of course, Bunny would sip his coffee. A perfect way to start any day or night (depends on what time he would wake up). He needs caffeine to make him through the day or the night. And some research had suggested that coffee has a good number of anti-oxidants to keep anyone young-looking. Perfect isn’t it?

He loves drinking his coffee near his bed because sometimes he just like to relax and sip his coffee slowly. Savoring the aroma and the rich taste it gives. Sometimes, he would close his eyes and just feel the warmth that the cup is giving his hands. It’s a perfect world out there, he can imagine what he likes and take notes of the plans that he had in mind today.


After his cup of coffee he would turn on the TV and watch whatever he likes. Watching TV is one of life’s creation that nowadays is somewhat not a big deal compared to the way we viewed it 10 or 20 years ago, thanks to the advent of the internet and the like. Gone are the days that parents worries about the addiction of their children into the couch and this machine– now it’s the internet. Bunny doesn’t want to be in the mainstream of internet-addiction. Let’s just say that he likes being different and so he prefer watching TV and surfing through channels rather than sitting and typing and surfing the vast world that the internet can offer.

He prefer cartoons and anime because no matter how old he is, a child’s heart always resides inside of him. And the joy that he always get when he watch these stuffs. They are way better than those movies or series that he follows.


After the long hours in front of the TV I would grab him and get some vanity pictures with him. Sometimes he likes being vain; on other times, he’s quite a camera-shy-type-of-bunny. But anyways, he likes this one. He looks cuter. And my nails are red. ­čśŤ


And there are days that he loves to eat and drink coke and study with me. I’m trying to learn Japanese so sometimes he is my talking buddy with my poor vocabulary. And he would just stare into what I am studying and does not answer. Or worse, he always fall asleep when I start talking or memorizing the words or the Kanji.


And last but not the least, before going back to the first thing that he usually do, Bunny would sit somewhere and stare into nothingness and think of everything that is happening around him. Yes, he lives in his perfect world but the real world is just outside this room where he is now and if he goes there, if given the chance— will he be given the chance to survive? They all said that it’s a cruel world. A world where chaos, war and all form of sadness exist. But he also heard that in that world outside this room, a thing called love exist. I don’t like explaining about love to him. He’s too young for it. And so his┬ácuriosity┬áis growing and growing each day. I hope he’ll be able to find the meaning of love when he’s ready to go outside because I’ve found mine and I’m happy about it. :)

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