The Techy Era


We cannot deny the fact that comparing to our ancestors, we are way more advanced when it comes to technology. We have airplanes, ATM, bluetooth and more. Yep, a certain reality that will be applicable to us in comparison to our descendants in the near future– they will be more advanced than us today. Before delving into bitterness of what the future may hold that is not for us, let me tell you some things that I think is the negative effect of being a Techy Era.
Being at the top of the food chain, as well as being the most intelligent one, we have made everything as convenient as possible. Let me cite communication as the subject of this blabbering. Communication, being the basic for our survival had transcend from the super slow snail mail to telegram to email to the most advanced sms, chat and whatever you may want to call it. We have made everything automated. And it is helpful(no joke). Realtime updates from friends and relatives. No need to go to a community gathering to get the latest news, one click and everything is at your fingertip. Now tell me, what would be your great great grandfather would say if he could see you and your boyfriend’s pic on facebook. Boom! You’ll probably be married by now. Kidding! 😛
These technologies has their own perks, not just on the hardware or software levels but particularly the effect to its user. It’s more on the way human response to this technology. We have innovated to make communication more convenient and the effect? Let’s face it, today’s generation would rather post his or her hatred or anger on social networking sites for the whole world to see, rather than telling that person(the one and only who ruined his/her day) even if he/she is sitting beside you. Haha. Yep, something that is quiet ironic. It’s on our human nature that we tend to hide the real gravity of our anger towards another person but it seems ironic that we need to post it and doesn’t have the courage to speak up.
I’m using “we” and “our” because just like you, I’m as guilty as you are. 😛 And if some aliens are subscribing to my blog— err, welcome to earth! Haha. *giggles*

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  1. [reading Earth feeds]
    …so that’s how the world (Earth) works.. now I know hehehehe -alien from Barsoom

    Nice one! :) For sure our generation is fortunate because of these technologies but it also makes our lives more complicated. That’s why we still seek that peaceful and relaxing place or setup that’s free from the busy life of the city. We want to be disconnected sometimes from the modern world and wanted to relive our nostalgic past where life was still simple & carefree, and fun and happiness are at our fingertips.


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