Time stood still after a long time of wishing and praying for something like this to happen. I watched the time in the menu bar as it stood at 10:32 in the morning and for some like five minutes already, it didn’t bulge. Time is standing still! To confirm what I thought is something phenomenal, I checked the wall clock and my wrist watch, all of them telling me that it is still 10:32. After a few moments and of trying to count up to 60, to convince myself that time is currently at its suspended mode, I sat back and relax. I watched as my workmates do their usual thing, programming something and then discussing it with their teammates for improvement. I watched them, closely, as I see one workmate transcend the different stages of working: from being active with a coffee in hand, to that grumpy sleepy beast that will surely eat you if you cross his way up to being plain sleepy and sometimes giving into that nappy time.

I stood up and went outside. I tiptoed towards the door, trying some new ways of going out, making as little noise as possible so as not to be seen by anyone. It’s like I have this dirty little secret with me, the time stood still, I need to enjoy this moment. I’m not being selfish here, I just don’t want my boss to know that he has a lot more time to give me work loads that certainly is not paid because as you know from the very beginning, time stood still.

I watched the sun, feel the cool breeze of the wind as they played with my tangled hair. I walked down that too familiar road that I usually take and stroll down the stores. Oh, now I know what I’ll probably do, I’ll window shop(I promise, I won’t swipe this little diva inside my purse, my boyfriend’s gonna be mad at the bill). I strolled happily, swiftly, as if not walking but gliding along the road and stopped in front of my favorite dress shop. Today’s display is a pair of little red dress. I looked at it. Admired it for some time, I can’t give you the exact time– there’s no time now. I looked closely, the red lace on top is exquisitely made, the pattern on it made it glow. The small beads on its chest were finely sewn, I wished I’d be able to hold it, feel it.

I went inside and found amazing dresses inside. I wanna take them all. I wanna have those purple, red, black and white dresses that they have. I almost made it to the counter when suddenly my phone rang.

“Where are you?” my friend asked.

“Hmm, Grabbing some coffee”I lied.

“You better hurry up, boss is looking for you.”

“I’m on my way,” I put the dress back down and went out of the store with the phone on my ears. “By the way, what time is it?”

“10:33 darling,”she answered.

The end. The end of my little freedom. I hurriedly went inside the building, into reality, into the things that really matters no matter how many times time would stood still. I still have that program to finish.


For the love of  Daily Prompt: Standstill

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