Timing and the Scent of Vacation

You may have noticed that I’ve been abandoning, ignoring and taking less care of my little blog and for the month of December have posted a very few posts. Here’s the list of the excuses reasons for such an unforgivable deed I have been exhibiting:

1. Time and Timing. I can’t get the right time or the perfect timing to write a post about a great idea. What I mean is that I get this great idea once and a while but I don’t have the time to go online and visit my dashboard and click that “Add New” button (that’s a lot of things to do) and type and type and delete some part then type again, add tags and set a category, grab some photos then click that ever-magical Publish button. No, I don’t get that right timing when I need it the most.  What I really get as of the moment: I get this great idea while I’m still in the office, coding and trying to cope with a very red delayed schedule. Or, on some days(very seldom days) when I get home earlier than the usual I get one of these problems:

– Ideas: flowing. Internet: not cooperating.

– Internet: Faster than the speed of light. Ideas: Dead. F1 please!

When I’m stuck with the second reason, I would try to resuscitate my brain to give me those artistic juices and gives off a good topic to write about. Well, it doesn’t work always (around 1 over 10 or worst, 1 over 10000000(that’s a lot of 0’s and parentheses)).  What really happens in this hopeless situation is: me staring into a white/empty space while the cursor is blinking at me. Yes, blinking seductively and giving me that tingling feeling— oh well, that’s an exaggeration already. 😛

A little detour, I can already smell the scent of Christmas Vacation around the corner and I hope and wish that my ideas, the internet and the timing would synchronize with me as I take this 2-week vacation and maybe produce some very good topic and blog post.

Another off-topic comment, I like what they did on the dashboard. 😉

I really don’t have any other reason for the slacking, so the list will only have a number 1. Have a great holiday everyone! And see you around the corner. :)

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