Trust, Judgement and Vulnerability



I get random thoughts when I’m walking. This is what I realized as I walked towards home. When I just let myself be in trance and open up for every word or thought that would cross my mind, I’m giving myself a chance to meditate. Some people need silence while I, on the other hand, prefer the sound of the cars as they pass me. I think it helps that I’m walking home alone, it’s just me and my thoughts.

These are the things that I got from walking, I hope I still remember them correctly.

Trust, judgement and vulnerability are related to each other. Vulnerability is the state when a person open up for judgement. In this world where every detail is scrutinized, judged and even misjudged, opening up is a big challenge. It’s a cruel world, one mistake and every good deed of that person is erased– forgotten. It’s quite ironic that the world promotes a person’s uniqueness.

“Be true to yourself. Be who you are. Be who you want to be.” This is the most common slogan that can be heard anywhere. It’s the foundation of confidence– being true to yourself. But, a bigger BUT than necessary if there’s such thing as a bigger but, the world doesn’t totally agree about being true to oneself. It criticize, scrutinize and it would rip off that identity as easy as one, two three– boom! Gone.

And trust? Where does this 5-letter word fit in this post? Well, trust is the only thing that makes people open up to you– to be vulnerable in your eyes, accepting the fact that you might judge them, mistreat them afterwards. Trust is that feeling that in spite of their lapses, in spite of what they may tell you, you’ll still love them as who they really are.

I’m really lucky to be one of the person that my friends chose to confide with. I’m glad that in spite of all the things that I’ve done in my life, I’m not perfect, there are still some people who do consider me good enough for them to trust me. That I’m not going to judge them or what on being who they really are. And for that, I’m very happy. We don’t get that chance everyday.

Have a happy Saturday everyone!


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