What Have You Done Today?


What have you accomplish?

What are your plans?

What do you plan to do with your life?

Every accomplishment, be it big or small, started out as a plan. Slowly, the plan evolved into something more. Each steps are necessary, with the previous one building the new one. If we take every big accomplishment that we had, it would sum up to what we were doing with our one day. One day. 24 hours. Numerous minutes. A bigger number when we count it in seconds. That’s how we accomplish things, by spending that precious one day that we can never take back. Ever. Again.

Life’s like that. It’s an on-going process, with no rewind, but we are definitely given a limited number of second chances. Limited in the ┬ásense that life doesn’t go on forever. It might last around 70 or 80 or 90 years but it will surely end. Life is not about not failing, it’s about learning. Learning in every failure or achievement that we would encounter. It’s an on going process. And the basic of it is the things that we do in a day. A day where we only have 24 hours to do something. And that something would determine what we can accomplish in this one life that we have.

I find myself asking this because I tend to lose sight of my goals, of the things that I should be doing. I always find myself staring at the blank wall thinking about a clingy bug, my career, business plans, the budget that is somewhat starting to deplete and all the problems I burden myself with. I’m not really sure what kind of person I am, I tend to be a procrastinator sometimes or be that well-planned individual. I tend to be perfectionist or sometimes contented of what I have. Awkward and out-going. I’m not saying I’m a special kind of individual, rather, I’m one of those something in between irony.

By asking this question, I tend to put on a positive kind of pressure to myself to do something. Something that might fail or succeed. Something where I’ll definitely learn. And I hope, I’ll be able to do something today, tomorrow and the days to come.

Have a productive Wednesday everyone!

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