Whatever Will Be, Will Be

I hate you!

Her words had fangs and an ability to suck up the happiness in the room. Her words had fangs and they bit him. Painfully. She was furious and at this state, his soothing words cannot soothe her anymore. Tears were starting to fall from her eyes. A trail of mascara followed them into her cheeks. Then her hand aggressively wiped them, creating a shade of black and tears.

I hate you! Didn’t you hear me? I hate you! 

Her words morphed into a knife, trying to penetrate and hurt him. It created a tear in his protective jacket and a scratch into his future plans. Her deadly stare started to shake his trust on theirs, as if the way she says those words weren’t enough to crumble the shaky foundation of theirs.

You really don’t care? 

Her words turned icy cold. The anger subsided but the next phase were worse than the previous one, it turned cold. A cold silence, icy and much painful than the fangs and the knife. She silently sob, trying to control and not control her cries.

You weren’t even mine. 

Her words were in monotone now, no more anger. Nothing. It reflected her surrender, her acceptance. He looked at her, she’s beautiful. She is and she will always be. But he cannot have her, not when everyone is against it. Because, according to them, it’s not right. It’s not fair. Nothing is fair. They cannot go on like this forever. And forever doesn’t even exist.


The world seems to be shaking, the walls were crumbling. His confidence were fading, he cannot let her go. He came here with a well planned break up speech. Hearing that single word of surrender, it opened a wound. A wound he thought he might never have. Him, a reasonable man and who never let his emotion drive his life into an abyss, is here with a crumbling confidence. He looked at her and saw the woman he loved. She was staring at the floor, trying to stop her tears.

He moved towards her, she looked up with a questioning eyes. He embraced her, afraid of going. There were tears on his eyes but it doesn’t matter. Que Sera Sera. Whatever Will Be, Will Be. His thoughts didn’t drive into its usual path, it didn’t plan out the future. What matters now is now. Tomorrow will take care of itself and the next and the next. That maybe good or bad and he might screw up his plans or his destiny but it doesn’t matter. He chose her. It will be her. It will be.

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