When my Estrogen is dominating


I don’t like this or that.
Your shirt makes me wanna cry.
I don’t feel like eating and I’m hungry as a pig.
I don’t know why I’m angry.
I just wanna cry sometimes. Please don’t let me explain. Just let me cry.
I’m kinda lonely.
Nobody understands me.
I don’t even know what I want. Don’t ask me that question.
I hate myself.
I’m ugly. I hate being me.

Worse comes to worst, women of all ages has that particular week or days in a month that we don’t know what we feel. So don’t ask questions. You can do the dishes to make us feel a little better or maybe hug us tight. But a big NO NO with the act of asking: what’s wrong? Because sometimes, it’s not really you it is us. And we don’t have the slightest idea of what really is wrong.
Sometimes, we just woke up in the morning and everything is really wrong inside our heads. So don’t ask, okay? You can give a tight hug or whatever but please don’t ask why; this is part of my genetics.

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