Why I Blog but still Can’t Find My Niche

What is your NICHE? (borrowed image)

What is your NICHE? (borrowed image)

I love reading and writing. These maybe the reasons why I blog and the same reasons why I still can’t find the my own niche. Niche, according to the internet and the things I’ve read on it, is a focused thing or writing(when it comes to blogging). It’s like finding your own voice, or finding what you really love to write about. It’s focusing on the strength of your passion to make the outcome more accurate as to what you have in mind. 

Browsing to what I’ve been writing down since the day I started blogging, I can’t really say what I want or what’s my niche is all about. When I say I write randomly, I’m not kidding, I am really writing down random things. I write stories, daily prompt, realization, adventures, events and some things that I think that are worth sharing. I try my best to follow the basic rules when it comes to blogging but I’ve been defying the focusing part. The part where you should write on that particular niche, the part where your focus, passion is at. On second thought, can I build the random niche? Or, it’s defying the niche theory when it becomes random? I’ll never know for sure.

On a bigger perspective, I love stories. Flash fiction, for instance, is one of the most enjoyable type of writing that I have ever read. It’s not time consuming and it brings you to different worlds, different words and let you meet different people. Its shortness is the key to its existence and the fun that is written beneath it. As much as I enjoy reading flash fiction, I certainly try my best to write some short stories or the flash fiction part. It’s a great addition to my blog(I think) because it’s short and it’s fun. But, certainly, there are still things that I also want to write about: like sharing my thoughts, my adventures, the places here in Cebu and the one I visited, and certainly a lot more. It’s difficult. I know.

On a much bigger perspective, I love to write. And I love to create things. I like writing because it’s creating something. Something that will give other people a perspective to your own thoughts, your own world. It’s creating bridges for each of us to cross and get to know everyone.  I also like coding or developing, not just because it’s my profession but because it’s a certain key to creating something. That something might be a helpful tool for others. And I want to feel that deep sense of ownership, satisfaction in creating something that can help others. And this coding realm is comprised of different domains, languages and how those things work. Yes, I want to learn/do them all. And I would also like to delve into sewing, creating dresses. I love dresses and I want to create those things– create my dream dress.

I still can’t find my own niche because I’m really torn between a lot of things. And sometimes, for the SEO part and the reader part it’s quite confusing; but, for me it’s certainly a little bit of a roller-coaster ride. I’ll keep you posted when the time comes that I become as ready as I can be to find that certain niche! Tehe. 😉

Have a nice day! Tata!

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  1. Even chaos can become a niche. And one should not be hung up on rules.
    Do what you enjoy doing the most and you will one day find your voice.
    I do not have a niche. or so i think. Though surely i have a thought of the day every weekday
    but every day is different. i moan rant rave write stories or poetry and mix all that up every week again and again.

    Just be you and one day you will find what you seek without looking. Just enjoy yourself.
    Keep on smiling

    • Yay. Thanks for that! And I’ll still be doing that, smiling! hahaa. You’ve made me smile. Thanks very much! 😛

      • Well glad this rambling made you smile haha :)

  2. I read somewhere that you don’t really need to stick to a niche because then you limit your audience and the things that you could write. You just need a “good selling point” so you could attract more readers and keep the old ones, too. So, I’ve decided to manage a multi-interest blog instead. If anyone protests, well, I get the last say – I pay for the domain and hosting anyway. Hahaha.

  3. Totally agree. And it’s more fun writing down what you really want to share; maybe the randomness will pay for it. 😀 And Yep, it’s our blog– we have the final say! 😀


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