Wrap-up Weekend: A Review and an Updated Plan

It’s almost 12 midnight here and I’m trying to buzzer beat again as I present you the first ever Wrap-Up Weekend that I’ll be doing for the blog schedule.

I’m not going to give out any excuses anymore and not talk about what can’t be done; rather talk about what can be done.


This week I only managed to post this two:

This means that I need more improvement in the coming weeks. As for that, I am really in a tight schedule because I am in the midst of a cross road. Of course, I may talk a little bit vague about it but I guess I’ll create a separate post about it when the right time comes (crossing my fingers).


As of this writing, I am still in the planning stage of the what to post. Here’s a list of what I can post.

  • Techy Tuesday -> I’ll be posting something about “Pragmatic Programmer” because I’m creating a presentation for my teammates about it and I thought of sharing it here too. :) Two birds with one stone, I guess.
  • Fizzy Friday -> I hope I can finish the Carnaza adventure and post it on time by Friday. 😀

I guess that’s the concrete plan as of now. And really, I’m still a little bit puzzled as to what to post tomorrow. :)

In case you’ve forgotten, here’s the battle plan that I created a little over a month/months ago.

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Schedule Infographic @ Inks and Scribbles

Have a nice week ahead everyone! :)

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